Everyone knows that horse riding is good. But few people realize how much and versatile the benefits of regular horseback riding are. The benefits of riding for the health of your body and spirit are truly enormous.

What could be more beautiful than riding a horse while admiring nature with TripAz Travel? As a child, have you ever dreamed about this? People who love horses, who have a desire to learn how to communicate with these beautiful animals, and to understand the basics of riding, we invite you to us!

Bine Horse Club Tour
Price – 14 AZN

Included in the Tour:

  • Transport (convenient)
  • Guide
  • Photosession (free)
  • Excursion
  • Soft drinks and sweets.
  • Entrance ticket
  • Feeding horses
  • Horseback riding
  • Professional guide


  • The cost is for 1 person.
  • Tours can be booked on dates suitable for you.
  • Price may vary by date.
  • Payment is accepted in manats at the current rate.

Please contact us for a change of tour dates and details.

Contact information:
Tel: +(994 12) 493 00 60
Mob: +(994 50) 600 85 07, +(994 55) 600 85 07, +(994 70) 600 85 07
WhatsApp: +(994 70) 600 85 07, +(994 55) 600 85 07
Address: Garden of Samed Vurgun, st. Nizami 209F.

Binə atçiliq mərkəzi
"Bine Horse Club" Baku
"Bine Horse Club" Baku
"Bine Horse Club" Baku
"Bine Horse Club" Baku
Конный клубу в Бинах
"Bine Horse Club" Baku
Конный клубу в Бинах