Most tourists arriving in Azerbaijan are sure to visit Lahij (Lahic). Lahij is part of the Silk Road international tourist route. It offers hotels, guest houses and restaurants. The village of Lagidge with its ancient streets, beautiful and picturesque nature, open-air museums, has always been in the spotlight and attracted guests.

TirpAz Travel traditionally invites you to a tour of Lahic every weekend.

Tour Information:

Package: Standard package
Price: 23 AZN

The tour includes:

  • Comfortable transport
  • Breakfast
  • Tea table
  • Guide
  • Professional photography
  • Interesting games and gifts


  • Walk along the old streets and neighborhoods
  • Excursion to the 72-room house
  • Taking pictures in national costumes
  • Excursion to the Lagich waterfall


  • The price is for 1 person in a double room.
  • Children under the age of 5 years are free of charge (provided that they will not occupy a seat on the bus).
  • For some reason, arrival in Baku may be later or earlier than the specified time.
  • Tours can be booked on dates suitable for you.
  • Price may vary by date.
  • Payment is accepted in manats at the current rate.

Please contact us for a change of tour dates and details.

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Address: Garden of Samed Vurgun, st. Nizami 209F.

Lahij (Azerbaijani: Lahıc, Tat: Löhij) is a village and municipality on the southern slopes of Greater Caucasus within the Ismailli Rayon of Azerbaijan. Population is approximately 860 people who speak the Tat language.

Lahij is a notable place in Azerbaijan, with its authentic handicrafts traditions, particularly related to copper. The village’s carpet and rug crafts are also well known in Azerbaijan and the South Caucasus. Lahij has an old sewage system (some experts claim that it was built 1000–1500 years ago). Due to frequent earthquakes local people have developed sophisticated and authentic construction techniques.

The development of international tourism, together with more knowledge about the people and cultures, has resulted in a gradual interest in the cultural diversity of the Region. Lahij, in recent years, has attracted the attention of many tourists visiting from countries worldwide and as a result Lahij is now included in the travel tours of several leading tourism agencies.

Lahij is one of the most ancient human settlements in Azerbaijan. The Lahij District is located in the Ismayilli region of the Republic of Azerbaijan, on the southern slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range at a height of 1211 meters above sea level.

During the Medieval Period, Lahij became an important centre of craftsmen in Azerbaijan. Lahij master craftsmen could create forty types of items related to Folk Art. These skilled craftsmen included jewelers, blacksmiths, carpenters, carpet makers, engravers, painters, tanners, shoemakers and bast shoe makers, sock weavers and others. Many valuable examples of the products of these skills are exhibited in famous museums and collections.

Climate Lagic
The climate of Lagic is moderately cold with cool summers and mild winters. The beginning of winter, as a rule, occurs in November, and ends at the end of March, but sometimes snow falls even in May and September. Late spring – from April.

Travel to amazing Lahij. Azerbaijan.
Travel to amazing Lahij. Azerbaijan.
Azərbasycanın gözəl Lahıc kəndi.
Travel to amazing Lahij. The well-known hanging bridge in Lahij village. Azerbaijan.
Travel to amazing Lahij. Azerbaijan.
Travel to amazing Lahij. Azerbaijan.
Travel to amazing Lahij. Azerbaijan.
Travel to amazing Lahij. Azerbaijan.
Travel to amazing Lahij. Azerbaijan.